This blog is mainly about events and happenings in Ireland.

February 5, 2010

Items covered will not generally be those that receive plenty of exposure in the daily papers or on television.

Recently a teacher threw a duster (apparently a wooden one) at a student.  He missed, but it appears that the duster, on impact with the wall, bounced and hit the student.

Next day this episode got great cover in many dailies.  The inference was that the teacher was wrong in what he did.  There was no mention as to what prompted the teacher to act as he did.  There was no suggestion that the teacher had at any time previously thrown a duster.

Obviously the teacher had flipped.  One could say that such should not have happened.  But the conduct of many young people nowadays, everywhere, leaves much to be desired.  They object to rules and regulations, law and order.   The legendary Job would not be able to put up with them.

The teacher who threw the duster will simply have to get down to practice throwing the duster with greater accuracy.  Let the culprit in the class suffer.

There is no point in taking lumps out of the wall!!